Hurosoma AKa Tachibana would like to thank Alex Hus for the info!

Uranus: Uranus is a raid boss found in Bahamas. To get to Uranus ( refer as U) you have to beat one of the two KoG ( King of Greed) one of them spawn in the first area of Bahamas and the last area. These guys are not on surface but underground. To get underground, find those shiny circles on the ground. Then you just run into it. However you won't be warp instantly underground so you have to keep on running into those circles. Once underground run to the hook like area ( I'll get coords later where you find KoG). Kill KoG. But there is a twist to getting to Uranus. If you kill the KoG in the first area the warp portal is in the other underground area. So you must have a warp saved in both areas when your clan kills either one. Once inside, here comes the fun part :3!!!! When you go to the land curving into the lake you'll either see eggs or U waiting for you. If you see eggs kill them all. However, be cautious because little critters came out of those eggs )_). These critters are deadly because they will use a status effect that last for 5mins or so. The status decrease your atk power making you weak against U. So I advise you to wait for the debuff to wear off before going off to killing U.

So here comes the really ultra, uber, fun but tiring part of U. Get a really awesome tanker to tank U. Have people on both side of the piece of land and dps him. However, U is reborn four times. So once you kill him the first time, egg spawn. Kill the eggs and the little critters. Wait for the debuff to wear off, buff up and go kill U again. Repeat these process again and again until U is dead :D! Then one of your clannie will be asked to go into a special chamber to recieve your hard earned weapons :3.

That all of my info about U xD!

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