Welcome to Resurrection GE Database

Hello there and welcome to Resurrection GE's database! Here in the database we provide answer to many questions that are asked on a daily basis among the forums of Sword of the New World forums.

"Where is this at and how do I get it?" "Where does this drop?"

No need to look any further as of right now we are working extremely hard to add as much info to the site as we can. We are only humans not robots so we cant work on the wiki 24/7 but when we do get on we will be sure to update where it is needed and so on. We are looking for help as well from users like yourself! If you want to help us then feel free to email me moc.liamtoh|zurc_esor_yma#moc.liamtoh|zurc_esor_yma or catch me on the forums whatever you find easier.

Once again Welcome to Resurrection GE's database and we hope you enjoy your stay and find the info quite useful =]


Hurosoma says: We just started this wiki and are currently in the process of adding all the UPC's in the game this is a time consuming process so well dont rush us please thank you.

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