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Hurosoma says:
Dear god this UPC is a monster…both annoying to get and very annoying PVP wise if you deck her out…geez 7 con and resurrection skills? She is just a freaking armor acout AND tank I recommend getting her over Rescue Knight unless you like me and wanna run around with 2 Rescue knights and 1 Romina lawl


Please remember you have to have done the Rescue Knight quest before starting this one ok? ALSO small tip for ya here mates the Spino skull you can get off the market from people who just happen to farm that boss or something.

Stances: Same as rescue Knight

Defending Shot (Rifle with block - h4x)
Defending Guard (sword)

Part 1(level requirement 84)
1. Once you use the key, you will be surrounded by mana Skeletons just like before, it's they are stronger.
2. Defeat the skeletons.
(reward: access to the Skull Dungeon)

Part 2(level requirement 84)
1. Talk to Marcelino.
2. Gather the materials.
3. Choose your reward (only one can be made).
Bone Frame Armor (10 bone sticks, 10 horn pieces)
Skullic Edge (2 bone sticks, 3 horn pieces)
Skullic Epee (3 bone sticks, 2 horn pieces)
Skullic Guard (1 bone sticks, 4 horn pieces)
Skullic Staff (5 bone sticks, 2 horn pieces)
Skullic Bracer (3 bone sticks, 2 horn pieces)

Part 3(level requirement 84)
1. Talk to Romina.
2. Talk to the Altar at the end of 1F of Skull Dungeon.
3. Collect 100 skeleton items.
(reward: access to 2F of Skull Dungeon)

Part 4
1. Talk to the altar at 2F of Skull Dungeon
2. You'll be asked to collect 150 bone items
3. Kill at either 1F/2F of the skull dungeon until 150 bone items collected
4. Talk to the altar and a scene will proceed

Part 5 This is just an instance mission fight him alongside with Romina and Grandice.
1. The scene continues as of the above scenario and you'll see a chat between Romina and Montoro
2. Romina will subsequently lose to Montoro and Grandice will come in to "save her"
3. ya task is to aid the 2 NPCs in "Killing/Beating" the "Boss"
4. After the scene, proceed back to talk to Grandice to complete the quest.
(Reward: EXP Card and Access to 3F Skull Dungeon)

Final Part - Kick her ass =D
1. Defeat a "Spinosarus" at Utsir, Zona Cuantro -> Obtain Spino's Skull
(You need to defeat the Frozen Megalosaurus to access area 4 of ustiur)
Note: You can also choose to buy a Spino's Skull and it'll still work
2. Talk to Romina and present the skull to her as momento
3. You'll be asked if you want to fight romina
4. Defeat romina to obtain Romina Character Card

her alternate costume (also has new hair which I will screen shot later on)

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