Ohhh yeah everyone's favorite part of the game! RAIDS =D

Hurosoma dares you to flame:
Yeah if your one of those people in a big time clan and you dont like me posting information about it well guess what I dont really care and bash on my website all you bloody want but I have every right to post information about Fire Gate Lighting Gate or whatever I feel like posting so guess what? If you dont like me posting info about these raids you can bloody well piss off wanker. MY site I post whatever I want deal with it. Oh I just love to hear from people in Ceres or something complain about me posting it so BRING IT send me hate mail if you dont like me posting info about raids. I will reply with a nice "GTFO my site" reply or something similar

Now then lets start off with the fundamentals of raids…

First off most raids such as Vergo or even Lighting Gate require your clan to be a well organized machine. Much like all the cogs and gears working in a car to move it forward.

Now then of course most of the raids your thinking off are in fact Veteran or above raids.

Here is the list of raids I have in my memory.

King Of Evil
King Of Greed
Fire Gate (Whirlpool of Flame)
Lighting Gate
Poison Yard
Secret Temple
Queen Eater
Hell Breaker
If I missed any then hmm..

Anyway I will provide the basic info needed for each of these "raids" and what not

Hurosoma Notes:
ohh I can see it now Im pretty sure someone from the bigger clans on Sword of the New World are going to bitch and moan and complain and flame me but pfft kiss my royal British arse and piss off =P

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