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Now then a little bit of info about the pets so you can know what your getting yourself into!

  • What are pets and what good are they for?

Pets are exactly as the sound pets! Pets are here to help you AKA man's best friend right? Haha! Now then a small yet informative description about pets is that they assist your team in 3 different ways! These pets are cash shop items and require "Pet Food" for without food they will not do anything for you! So yep these pets are cash shop mostly, yet you can still get the quest and not need any cash shop items

  1. Grabber - This is your looting pet, yes its a looting pet used to pick up items while your Away From The Keyboard! So in a sense its kinda what most botters do in Granado Espada which is auto loot while AFK. There is a catch to how fast he loots though there is always a 7 second cool down till he picks up the next item.
  2. Healer (Dunno the exact name of it) - This is self explanatory as its name states it will automatically heal your team muck like a scout would but without the dying and such.
  3. Buffer - Once again self explanatory name, this pet gives your team special buffs as if your scout was buffing your team.

Hurosoma Says: Well with the introduction of pets there isn't really much use for the Scout now is there? Sadly we may have to drop the scout when we get the pets (If your a cash shop user that is)

Now then your possibly wondering how exactly the pet system will work and such. Simple they added another Hotkey function to the game Alt+P which will open the pet window and in the first option you will click it and it will list the pets you have (I think you can have up to 5 I am not certain but i will find out!) and from that list you will select your pet that you want.

now to get the pet is quite easy some point that is…

Step 1:
Travel to Gigante Island and once you get to the dock you will need to go to Gigante Beach itself (not dock). Once you have gone to Gigante Beach you will have to go to the coordinates F-6 (see screen shot)


Step 2:
Once you have traveled to F-6 you will see a NPC talk to the NPC and you will see some dialogue and he will tell you to go to Fire Isle. Now you travel to Fire Isle the free zone and you will have to find this rock (see the screen shot)


Step 3:
Once you have clicked the rock you will see some more dialogue and you will transported to an instant mission. Once the mission begins you will have to find 3 small grabbers kill them (I know it doesn't sound right but do it anyway) [see screen shot]


Hurosoma Says: We DO not promote the killing or pets in the real world, you can however kill the whore Paris Hilton, Lindsy Lohan, and Britteny Spears, give the pets food and pet them and tell them you love them.

After you kill the 3 grabbers the bigger mother grabber will appear at the other side of the cave. She will be accompanied by 3 small grabbers and a pixie (Healer type) [see screen shot]


Now then the very second you kill the smaller pets around the mother she will disappear, or you can do it the hard way and ignore the smaller and kill the mother grabber (which is what i did and stayed near the spawn point of the egg)

Then once you kill her you have about one to two seconds to click the egg and acquire it. I kid you not you really have one to two seconds to click the egg and get the item needed for the quest. If you cannot get the egg you have failed the mission and you will repeat the mission again. If you do click fast enough and the egg disappears, then you have succeeded congratulations!

Step 4:
Once your done with that you will need to talk to the man that you talked to earlier to get the quest back in Gigante Beach. Now you will have some dialogue with him and you will be transported to a instant mission.

In this mission you will have to help the man defeat the same monsters you fought in the cave. They have come back for their egg and you must prevent them from getting it or letting the man be defeated!

If you succeed the mission you will have to talk to him again and after ward you will be transported to the Green House in Gigante Beach.

Step 5 (almost done!):

1st Day:
Yep if you have made it here then congratulations you have come this far and now for the real fun to begin! Now then your in the green House after completing that mission from that one man. You will be inside the green house and you will see a lot of rats/mice whatever they are just kill them then ask questions later…then click the egg after all the mouse are gone. This well send you into the TIMED part of the quest yes timed part in other words the second you click the egg you should alteast lcick the egg that same time the 2nd day and same for the 3^rd day

2nd Day:
Go to the green house ignore the rabbits they don't mean any harm unless you feel like killing a mob with about 380 Def i think it was? lol! Click the egg and go about your day.

3rd Day:
Go to the green house (again!) Finally your on the very last day of this long quest. Now this time Rebo soldier will attack you! kill them click the egg and it will hatch yay! Now it is time…it is time for you to get your pet!!.

Step 6:
You have stuck with me this long and its time you be rewarded! Now go back to the man and you will see something like this menu:


After that all you have to do is name your pet and well have fun ^^

Hurosoma Says: Remember they are cash shop so you will need to spend quite a penny to use these pets!

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