Kurt Lyndon
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Hurosoma says:
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Advance Garde of Grim
Main-Gautche Garde of Grim
Grim Guard
Heaven or Hell of Grim
Epee Garde of Grim
Emo Garde of Grim


How to get him (i suggest you eiter be a vet with 55AR and DR or you will FAIL)
1. Become baron and relog

2. Equip Wheel of Destiny and talk to Kurt inside of ship wreck. Kurt will give you the quest and kill 10 undead warriors and gunners. They are black zombies and easy to kill. In order to enter The Dead Man's Ground. You need to click NPC with long beard in Los Toldos 3rd Option with Mystic Powder.

3. Finish the quest and get beaten by Kurt. Talk to Kurt again after you've been defeated byhim.

4.He will give you a letter to Eduardo. He is located at E3 (look for pillar). You will be anbushed by monsters and Eduardo will aid in this mission. Talk to Eduardo and get a letter to Kurt. Talk to Kurt after.

5. Kurt will ask you to kill area boss located at G9. Boss is larger than any monsters in this map. He looks like figther with glowing sword + eye (and maybe shield).

6. After you've obtained boss's pocket. Talk to Kurt again and he will ask you to get notes from town that is located at G7. Find box, burnt fireplace, and barrel.

7. Go back to Kurt and he will give you 5 Invisible Potion and ask to investigate another town located at B6. Go to town entrance, and use invisible potion on leader. and goinside and try to look for dark land spot (Almost in middle of town). You will enter quest mission room.

8. After you've killed the boss. Report to Kurt, and he will give you another 5 Invisible Potions, and go back to B6 town. Boss will be stronger, but you will have Eduardo and Kurt's support. You don't need to defeat the boss this time. (You can just die and go ahead with next step, or prove your strength by defeating boss and talk to kurt)

9. Go back to Kurt after killing same boss for second time. Kurt will ask you to gather 10 Pure Otite. You will now have 4th option from white beard npc. Click 2nd option after to activate the quest. You will need to kill 100 undead warriors and/or gunners and get 1 or 2 Pure Otite.

10. Get 10 Pure Otite (4th option -> 2nd option is quest activate. 4th option -> 3rd option gets you the reward), and talk to Kurt. He will give you another letter to Eduardo and Eduardo will give another letter to Kurt.

11. Kurt will ask you to visit the G7 town and go to middle of town and you will warped to see e-drama. (Eduardo betrays both)

12. You will have a choice of either going for "Eduardo's offer" or "Kurt's Offer" You will need to click 2nd options 2 times as to confirm the quest.

13. Visit other NPC and kill him.

14. Go back to the NPC that you made the offer with, and he will give you the NPC card after taking 70 Mystic Powder.

For kicks here is his other costume which pwns your face in foo


Guide from Granado Espada.cc Thank you guys for letting me use it =]

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