Claude Baudez
Stat Point

abre - Middle Guard
Sword - Back Guard
2 Sabre - Twin Blades
2 Sword - Hack and Slash
Great Sword - Plow Guard, Tail Guard
Pole Arm - Blandir Cruz, Penetrar Cruz
Throwing Spear - Stab Guard
Mighty Cruz
Hanging guard (EXPERT STANCE)

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How to get:
First Part (10+ or joo dies)

alk to Claude (Cite de Reboldoeux, D). He will ask you to bring him 20 Limestone. You can get these from Zebra Eater at Al Quelt Moreza (outside and 1st floor). Once you gathered all the material, bring it back to Claude and you'll be rewarded with 3 Exp Cards (1.960)

Second Part

This time, Claude will ask you to protect Reboldoeux from monsters. The mission takes place at Queen's Gate and Claude will help you fight mobs coming to destroy the city doors. This mission is easy, just kill every monster and wait for the end of the timer. Talk to Claude to get a High Guard Book once you finished the mission.

Third Part (25+ or joo dies)

Claude will now ask you a fight to evaluate how strong you are. This fight can be pretty hard since Claude has area attacks, and hit pretty strong. One good strategy is to use knock back skills so that he won't be able to hit you much. Once you take him down, he will reward you with 3 Exp Cards (4.840)

Fourth Part (40+ or joo dies)

First, you have to open a chest in Porto Bello Hold (Inside the dungeon, aka. Quay, not Deserted Quay), J5. You will find inside a Broken Silverbaron. Bring it to Claude who will try to repair it. For this, he needs 80 Pieces of Sword, found on Zavi di Gavi, in Porto Bello Hold. Once you get all the required material, bring it to Claude and he will repair the saber and reward you with the Silver Baron.

Fifth Part (60+ or joo dies)

Go to Reboldoeux and talk to Claude (Cite de Reboldoeux, D6), he will ask you to go get lots of items for him to show you how weapon crafting is all about.

There are 2 maps you need to go. The easier one is at "Porto Bello: Desserted Quary", you need to kill 'tortoise' turtles in order to get tortoise shells. After hunting the turtles, you need to go on the field on the left side of Auch. You need to hunt Rogues, Dark Buffalos, and Swamp Monkeys.

After hunting them, Go back to Claude and you will get Durandal and Trooper's Sabre.

Talk to Claude again, he will now ask you to go get "Piece of Live Candle", "Dog Tooth" and another mineral. You can get all of these at Torsche's Garden (But you can get more "Piece of Live Candle" inside mansion because there are more candles inside than at the garden)

After hunting the items, go back to Claude and you will get 2 more weapons (Sorry I forgot but its a level 60 weapon) and get "Card: Claude Baudez"

Rewards Sword level 60, Sabre level 60, 3 Exp Cards (43.600), Slayer, Claude Baudez's Card

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