~Stat Point
Str 5
Agi 7
Con 4
Dex 6
Int 3
Cha 3

Picture well im working on getting it (A good one that is)

Novice Guard - 2 Handed sword
Novice Marksmanship- Cannon (this has a normal attack IE. press space bar)

Special Skill:

One thing you must know you need these 3 things or you can just NOT try and get her kay?

  1. Claude if you dont have him just go cry in a corner
  2. That one stone from the mana girl in auch that runs your ass like 10 f##king million Vis
  3. This is like the viki quest YOU NEED PATIENCE or you will just gt stressed out and pop a god damn vein lol

How to get her:

  • First you need claude, so get joor fatty claude and talk to her SURPRISE SURPRISE Claude has a step daughter!! OH S##T!!!

now then they will have their little discussion about whatever.

Now you will have 3 tasks to complete

Go to Port Coimbra and talk to Jose the cannon dude and you will have 2 choices whatever one you want to do i dont really care but I prefer the easy ass one cause im a lazy bastard =P Your choices will be

  • 500000vis fame and family values to pay 50 to receive a large sword.
  • Help Jose with what he asks you to receive the sword. (easy as hell way)

Hurosoma Says:
you will go to an instance mission like the one that that one dude sent you when you had to help clear his secret port remember?

now go back to Auch and talk to her again…remember that 10 million vis investment you had to buy? Well now is the time to use it give it to her and your set

  • After you do that you will have to collect various things from different people you will have to:
  • Talk to the guy from the Gracaligo quest near the Pioneering office in Rebo(H7)
  • Get Masterpieces from Emilla (If you dont know where she is then just stop and quit the game)
  • And a Rucksack from Vincente Rio in Auch (H6)

After you have that done all you have to do is talk to her again and now for your final mission that you will dread.

  • NOW if you did the viki quest you will know just how f##king annoying that boss hunt was right? Well your doing it again but this time with that evil ass purple parrot Located in Bonvista river (Just off of Rion Plains you cant miss it) so yeah…you have to kill that bird for 2 RARE DROP minerals

Hurosoma says:
Yeah I confirmed this quest and this is exactly what you have to do to get Clair anyone that says differently will die a very horrible death >_>

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