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The white tiger's ho Beak ho is one hack of a Martial artist his moves all wtf hax lol anywho his card is lik easy to get…like…really..I mean you just stand there and he kicks soso, irwians, Gertrude's and ties with Red head crazy person.

Anywho to start his quest first talk to him he says

Baek Ho: oh snap its the <insert Family name here>!!! Ill so be your ho for 50 mystery powders!!

Kidding anywho first go to auch and find him he is located near the place that leads to Lakeside. Talk to him he will spit out some BS and what not then he kicks your ass by hitting like 10K per hit on you i dont care if your a vet he will beat the crap outta you lol

Now then he will tell you some other BS about Fritz (if you dont remember fritz refer back to red head book of wind quest) now you have to talk to Soso (gigante) Irwian (Port of Coimbra) Gertrude (City of Auch) and the Reno look alike dude (Port Of Coimbra) ALSO you have to talk to Bruce Lee (China) Jackie Chan (China) and Chuck Norris (California)

now after you do that go talk to Baked Hoe again and he will fight Soso Gurt Irwian and Grcaligo he will beat the crap out of Gurt Soso and Irwian, and tie with Gracalaigo(dunno why) anywho I dont feel like getting into the whole quest guide thing so after that stuff happens just talk to him again and give him 50 mystery powders and YAY you have your own Hoe =D!

Also Chuck Norris challenged Beak ho later and Chuck one shot him with over 9000000000000000000000 damage with a single punch

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