Andre Janzur
Stat Point

Rapier - Epee Garde, Sabre Garde
Rapier + Main Gauche - Main-Gauche Garde


First Part

After you arrived to Reboldeux and met Llyndon, go talk to Andre (Cite de Reboldoeux, D8). He will ask you to kill some Mandradoras and gather 5 Mandradoras Tentacles as proof. Go to Stone Pit and kill a few Mandradoras, then come back to talk to Andre and get your reward : Andre's Pose Guide N°2 and 3 Exp Cards (360). and 3 level one abrasives

Second part

Talk to Domingo (Cite de Reboldoeux, E8). He'll ask you to escort some soldiers to Al Quelt Moreza (Required level : 6). You'll be transported to a small mission. Just follow the Reboldoeux soldiers and help them kill monsters. Complete the mission by defeating Castor. Talk again to Domingo to get your reward : 3 Exp Cards and 3 level 1 abrasives (need confirmation)
Talk to Domingo again (Required level : 12). He needs help to fight Dilos Latemn, an ancient bishop who became mad inside Al Quelt Moreza and gives you the key of Al Quelt Moreza. Go to Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage (2nd Floor), then head to Al Quelt Moreza Arcade (L5-L6). A huge door stand there : examine it to be transported to your mission. Dilos Latemn and 2 clones of him are waiting for you in the big room. Defeat the good one and you'll success (Recommended level : 16-20). Once you did it, head back to Reboldoeux and speak to Domingo to get your reward : 3 Exp Cards. and 3 level 1 abrasives

Third Part

For this part, you need to have brought Holy Water for Panfilo quest's (second part).
Talk to Andre. He heard about Dilos Latemn's madness and can't believe it. He wants to investigate and find out why the bishop acted this way. Go talk to Panfilo (Cite de Reboldoeux, E10) and bring Holy Water he gives you to Andre and receive a reward : 3 Exp Cards (1.960).
Talk again to Andre. He'll drink the Holy Water and get suddenly mad, like Dilos Latemn before. You'll get involved in a fight against him. Defeat the Reboldoeux's most famous taylor in front of all Reboldoeux's citizens, maybe a soldier will help him. Once Andre's got his mind back, talk to him again. He will apologize to you.

Fourth Part

The previous incident teached Andre and you how Dilos Latemn became mad. Andre now asks you to investigate inside Al Quelt Moreza to gather further informations. Go to Al Quelt Moreza Arcade, and inspect some kind of mausoleum in G4. Just walk in front of it, then a message will pop up and you'll revive Dilos Latemn's memory. You'll be transported to a mission : simply escort Dilos Latemn and his guards and destroy all the Evil Gates you'll meet. Once you completed this small mission, report to Andre.

Fifth Part

Talk again to Andre. He now wants some good meal. Go talk to Panfilo who will try to make him Carbonara. Panfilo asks you to gather ingredients :
1 Fresh Milk, sold by the little lady behind Ramiro, at Queen's Gate, or by the lady in front of the giant statue of Ferruccio Junction.
1 Parmesan Cheese and 1 Pasta, sold by Merchant Camille (Port of Coimbra, F10-F11).
20 Wild Boar Meats, obtained by killing Wild Boars, at Cathari Falls.
Once you get all these, bring it back to Panfilo who will make the Carbonara. Bring the Carbonara to Andre who will love this new taste. Reward : Irolina Hat

Make sure you read what the red lettering says. "Panfilo starts to sing a queer cooking song!"
Sixth Part (Required level : 72)

Talk to Andre : he now needs 150 White Feathers. They can be drop at low rate by Cockatrices found at Rion Prairie or Tributary to the Bonavista. Take your time, don't be in a rush because it will be pretty long. Once you got all of them, bring it back to Andre and get your reward : Andre Card, Polish: Intermediate.

Hurosama says: This quest made me QQ trying to get feathers in the end…it was worth it for Karjalian lol

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